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Can Social Media Nurture Business?

Since the dawn of the mankind, human has been a social animal; such streaks of interactions have never subsided. With the advent of the World Wide Web, man had relied upon social media to engage, comment and participate in communications.

The developments in social medial have led to the emergence of several digital channels such as an Amazon user review or a Google search. Each digitized channels plays a heightened role in influencing the final purchasing decision. Thanks to social media, publishing content (on rented, owned or occupied domains) has become as easy as pie, resultantly helping brands to not only build web traffic, but convert it into sales in a cutting-edge digital landscape. However, proper techniques of Social Media Optimization (SMO) promise the long lives of physical as well as electronic existence of a business.

The shift from SEO to SMO

In the past decade, a classic answer to a corporate website's low ranking on a search engine was Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, currently, due to malpractices such as link purchasing, broken linking, etc., the percentage of organic searches has diminished. In simple terms, SEO practices help a web page get easily detected by search robots; however, the entire rat race to be on the top in Google ranking has placed the importance of netizens on the backburner. However, client is the boss; plus, impeccable content is the tool to appease the boss. Such a belief has seen the light of the day once a business starts focusing on SMOs

If it were not for social media, the web would never have emerged as a many-to-many method of interaction.

Why SMO won?

The growth of social networking and other mobile technologies has brought a sea change in web consumerism; thereby, bringing responsibility along with opportunity for many businesses.
  • By engaging in ethical SMO practices, the business is gifted the opportunity to build scalable, lasting relations with clients
  • The key responsibility for a business (while engaging in SMOs) has been to fulfill the dynamic expectations of its clients. Another responsibility that a business experiences is to interact with clients and be a part of the conversation taking place on a social networking site. 

Is social networking and media only a rage?

With facts such as 1.19 billion users on Facebook and a whopping 92% companies using social media for recruitment bear testimony to the surge of social media. The past decade has witnessed a sudden prosperity of social networking and media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and the like. All of these nuggets of facts justify the rising stats of social media.

Why businesses need social media?

All the above statistics make one thing clear – every business, regardless of the nature, has its clients online. With the web swarming with customers' experiences; the companies are required to scout the internet for finding as well as analyzing such feedbacks and carry out the required improvement programs.

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